Mr. Moore focuses on complex, high-stakes litigation. In more than 14 years of practice, Mr. Moore has represented both plaintiffs and defendants on a wide variety of complex litigation matters concerning patent, antitrust, unfair competition, copyright, trademark, and false advertising issues. Mr. Moore has worked on nine cases involving damages and equitable relief claims worth over $100 million. He has represented clients ranging from a solo inventor to market leading biotechnology, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, medical device, hardware, software, banking, and media companies in complex federal litigation matters as well as arbitration proceedings.

Before joining The Dan Johnson Law Group, Mr. Moore was a litigation attorney at leading law firms in New York, the Silicon Valley, and Southern California. Additionally, Mr. Moore recently served as senior in-house counsel for a California-based real estate conglomerate, where he handled a wide variety of commercial litigation matters and internal investigations.

Mr. Moore’s experience includes several trials in high-stakes intellectual property cases throughout the country. Mr. Moore’s complex litigation experience includes pretrial case management, defending numerous company witnesses in deposition, and preparing major motions and briefings at all stages of cases before federal and state courts. Mr. Moore has deposed senior executives, company witnesses, attorneys, inventors, and experts. Mr. Moore also has experience on case critical discovery matters, including domestic and foreign e-data collections, and pursuing and defending motions to compel, motions for privilege waiver, and motions for sanctions.

Mr. Moore grew up in Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree in the rural Southern California desert, and graduated from U.C.L.A. and Harvard Law School. He is a member of the California and New York state bars.