Bridge and Post, Inc. v. Verizon Communications, Inc., et al. (Eastern District of Virginia)

Client Bridge and Post is the owner of patents covering pioneering network technologies that improve the effectiveness of targeted Internet advertising without compromising the privacy of Internet users. The client’s technologies received considerable interest from the telecommunications and online advertising industries, including from defendant Verizon. After being educated on the patented technologies under a non-disclosure agreement and declining to take a license, Verizon nonetheless proceeded to incorporate the client’s technologies into its network, realizing tremendous profits from its advertising-related services without providing any compensation to the client. Targeted advertising has been so profitable for Verizon that they acquired defendant AOL in 2015 specifically because, in Verizon’s own words, AOL’s “digital advertising platform enhances our ability to further develop future revenue streams.” Attorneys at Dan Johnson Law Group assisted with securing an additional patent for Bridge and Post that has been added to the case, and have also been involved in representing Bridge and Post in multiple¬†Inter Partes Review (“IPR”) proceedings initiated by Verizon and a third party in the United States Patent and Trademark Office challenging the validity of Bridge and Post’s patents.